Friday, 12 August 2011

HTML5 + Linked Data + Multimedia + TV experience = An HTML5 Leanback TV webapp from

This post really attracts me:

An HTML5 Leanback TV webapp that brings SPARQL to your living room |

"When you are sat on the sofa at the end of the day relaxing and watching TV, maybe eating food and not in the mood to have to keep constantly making decisions about what to watch you might not think that you are in a situation where Linked Data and SPARQL queries could be useful. Yet the flexibility of the data that can be obtained from data sources supporting these technologies makes them ideal candidates to power a Leanback TV experience."

"...By taking an existing template and an existing, very flexible, source of data we can create a whole new way for people to discover content on offer"

Well, people keep on asking : "where is linked data? How can I feel it?". Here is a good example. Well, you can say it could be done using Web 2.0 mashups. Yes, you can. But in this example, it is SPARQL endpoint from Open University, which distinguish it from normal Web 2.0 ways. Web 2.0 enable you to publish your data using some Web technologies, such as Restful Web Services or Ajax. However, applications still don't understand each other, while experienced developers can "understand". In Web 3.0, you not only publish your data using common Web technologies, but also using Semantic Web technologies. You represent your data in rdf, publish it through SPARQL endpoint, using 3XX and content negotiation to dereference your rdf data, etc, etc. People with creative thinking can then build more powerful applications on it. That's linked data!

It seems to me that the roadmap described by Tim Berners Lee is, step by step, becoming true. You can never image how you can use linked data. You can't! Just because people are so creative.

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